About us

Plima is cultural association founded in 1996. The founder of Plima is writer Jovan Nikolaidis and it is located in Ulcinj.

Plima was founded to achieve one, clear goal: to enrich cultural space of Montenegro. With that vision in mind, Plima focused on publishing as the main tool for the accomplishment of its mission. This strategy resulted in the production (and publishing) of numerous books that were written by both male and female writers.

One of Plima's main goals is the affirmation of multiculturalism in Montenegro and to achieve this end, Plima has started bilingual (on Albanian and Montenegrin language) magazine named Plima - Batica.

Few years later, Plima has launched magazine for culture, Plima Plus, that is being issued four times a year, during the last 15 years. Editors of this magazine are prominent intellectuals from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Plima insists on the liberation of female spirituality: its mission started with the publishing of Plima Plus issue titled Woman's writings in Montenegro and continued with publication of works that are written by renowned female authors and theoreticians in the field of gender studies and culture.

Plima translated and published numerous titles from the field of cultural theory, philosophy and literature in an environment that is not characterized by developed tradition of translation.

Plima has yet another mission: to open up cultural space of Montenegro. Plima is participating, with its publications, on the important book fairs around the world (Pula, Leipzig, Frankfurt); Plima's friends and associates are writers, intellectuals and publishers from the region and Europe; Plima is an organizer of numerous seminars and round tables whose goal is the affirmation of cultural diversity in Montenegro and the development of ties with other countries. With a clear mission in mind (to open up cultural space in Montenegro and preserve its natural beauty) Plima has built A House for Writers - stone house located in olive tree orchard that overlooks a wonderful seaside and mystical town of Ulcinj.

Plima is a natural force that signifies progression. It is quiet, almost imperceptible but irresistible.